Every part of the car design, including the clutch kit, is important. This is one of the many car parts necessary for the correct and uninterrupted operation of the car. Every self-respecting car owner should take time to properly maintain his car. It is very important to perform proper operations on various parts of the car on a regular basis because even the slightest damage can lead to expensive repairs. Everyone knows: If you don’t even pay attention to a seemingly trivial problem, it may develop into a more serious problem. When all components work in sync, the risk of possible traffic accidents is reduced accordingly.

A clutch is a mechanical drive device used to effectively connect a shaft and various components of the machine, such as drums, gears, etc. In automobiles, the clutch provides a kinematic and power connection between the gearbox and the engine. In other words, its task is to transfer torque from the flywheel of the engine crankshaft to the drive shaft of the mechanical gearbox and other drive components.

In addition to transmitting power from the engine, the clutch also has another function-to temporarily interrupt the transmission of torque. As a result, the connection between the transmission and the engine is interrupted, and then a smooth connection is re-established. This is necessary so that the driver can safely shift the gears of the electric motor to ensure smooth movement of the vehicle.

Lightweight single-disc clutches are the most common in passenger cars, and single-disc or double-disc clutches are the most common in trucks and buses. The most important element of the clutch is the drive disc, which transmits the rotational movement from the knee disc. The gearbox is used to transfer torque from the engine to the drive wheels and change the amount of torque and its direction (forward or reverse).

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