An Animal Crossing players accidentally used all their savings when planting a cash cow, instead of the 1,000 bells they dug out before. Although the ACNH game can have many different functions such as fishing and home design, saving money to pay off debts and constantly upgrading the island is also an important part.

In "Animal Crossing: New Horizons", if players want to increase a lot of wealth, planting a money tree is a good way. Players caught the shovel on the golden light on the ground encountered at different places on the island, and they could dig some bells. When the bells are harvested, the player can throw some bells into the hole left in the ground so that a money tree can be planted instead of refilling the hole. If players plant 100 to 1,000 bells, they will harvest three ACNH Bells times the buried amount as the trees grow. But the predictability of financial returns will change as the number of planted bells increases. When burying 10,000 to 99,000 bells in the luminous spot, the player’s reward is that there is a 70% chance of getting 30,000 bells, and this has nothing to do with the exact number of buried bells. Only a 30% chance that money tree can generate three times the revenue.Therefore, using 99,000 bells to plant a money tree is more likely than using 297,000 bells to plant a money tree, and it is more likely to plant 30,000 bells, and you will lose money in the end.

A player in "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" has recently inherited a very dangerous financial situation due to the unpredictability of the money tree. After digging out 1,000 bells from the shining spots on the ground, they wanted to replant bounty and cash cows. Originally, if they planted 1,000 bells, they would definitely get 3,000 bells in return, but they used all their savings, up to 99,000 bells to plant money trees!

Other users, in order to comfort the player, told him that the bounty of the money tree still has a 30% chance of Buy ACNH Bells reaching the huge number of 297,000 bells. After that, many other players also sent bells to this player to help make up for his economic losses. This time, users of the ANCH community gathered to help the villager get rid of financial difficulties and overcome this common mistake.

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