Rubber Screw Barrel the quality of the barrel directly affects the quality and production efficiency of the product. When these two parts are severely worn or broken, they need to be repaired. Today we will focus on the reasons for screw fracture and maintenance methods.

  Fracture analysis:

   1. Macro reasons

   Rubber screw fracture is damage caused by low cycle fatigue. The source and growth area of ​​fatigue cracks can be clearly seen on the surface of the broken screw. Instantaneous fracture is in the area of ​​the screw. The root and surface cracks of the screw are often the source of fatigue cracks. Under the action of time, fatigue cracks will continue to expand outward.

  2. Micro reasons

  Through the microscopic observation of the screw fracture, the fatigue streaks in the fatigue crack propagation area are oriented intermittently or continuously. Normally, fatigue streaks correspond to a stress cycle and are basically brittle streaks.

  In the area of ​​instantaneous fracture, some river patterns, cleavage cracks and secondary cracks can be seen on the section, but there are no dimples.

  Repair method introduction:

  How to repair the broken rubber screw? We can re-manufacture a new screw based on the old screw. The surface of the screw can also be thermally sprayed with wear-resistant alloy and then polished to improve the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the screw.

   In addition, we can also plate a layer of hard chromium on the surface of the screw. This chromium molecule has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, but the hard chromium layer is relatively easy to fall off.

   After the rubber screw is broken, the choice of replacement or repair can be determined according to the price. If the repair cost is more expensive than replacing a new one, it is better to replace it with a new one.

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