Inbound marketing and digital marketing can be confusing. Many of the same tools are used in digital marketing as inbound marketing, including email and online content. Both aim to attract prospects' attention and convert them into customers. The relationship between tool and goal is different in these two approaches.

Digital marketing is about how each tool can convert prospects. Digital marketing strategies for brands may include multiple platforms or a single platform.

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Inbound marketing is holistic. Inbound marketing is a holistic approach that starts with the goal and looks at all available tools to determine which ones will reach the target customers. Then it examines each stage of the sales funnels to see which should be followed.

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It is important to remember that digital marketing and inbound are both options. As a marketer, you don’t have to choose between them. They work well together. Inbound marketing gives structure and purpose to digital marketing efforts. It ensures that each channel of digital marketing works towards a common goal.