Let’s start your 10-step guide for European travels

Put your documents in order

The essential elements on a trip that you can’t bear to lose are your documents. If you lose your passport, you have to wait to 4to6 weeks before getting a new one. And left with no other option than to postpone your trip. 

Thus, you should always carry electronic copies of your documents like e-passports. Many airports consider e-passports as valid proof and you won’t need to show them the actual hard copy. 

Also, consider putting all of your documents in a zip-locked back. This will keep your documents safe and in one place together. While visiting a foreign land you need your documents every time you can just take out the bag and present the needed document. It will also help you prevent losing or forgetting any of the documents. 

Create a budget

Having a pre-planned budget is very important if you don’t want to break your bank. Suppose if you are planning to take Direct Flights to Germany to USA then you must have an air tickets budget. Spending open-handedly on everything will cause you serious harm later on. A budget doesn’t mean less money, it is just designated money for a specific cause. So your budget can be 1000 dollars as well as 100000 dollars. The amount doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is designating the money to travel Europe. 

Choose your destination

Only after fixing a budget, select the destinations based upon the time you are visiting. Like if you are planning a trip in winter, then London would be an expensive option. Because of the high demand for tickets to London during winters. But Poland could be a budget-friendly option as Poland doesn’t receive many tourists during winters. We call it off-season. 

If you have a tight budget, then you must consider traveling to countries going through the off-season. During this time of the year, you will find the best deals on hotel bookings, air ticket bookings, and everything else. 

Choosing a destination according to the budget is the best way to avoid last-minute hassle and extra expenses. 

Plan a rough itinerary

As you select your destination, don’t rush doing the other things like booking two-way tickets. Instead, plan a rough sketch of the day-to-day activities that you are going to do in the city. Like if you decide to go to London the plan what you are going to do on day 1, on day 2 and so on. 

On the 1st day, your plan could be to spend the day visiting a museum and stroll at the banks of the River Thames at night.

Research and lookup for places and destinations you must visit. Or festivals and adventures that you must be a part of. And plan accordingly.

Book airplane tickets

If you are on a tight budget, then you must consider early bookings. Early ticket booking has various benefits including cheap prices. Avoid buying two-way tickets as you will always end up paying more than needed. 

If you are taking direct flights to Poland from USA, then first compare the prices charged by different airlines. Look for the most affordable option. And then book the tickets.

Book hotel rooms

Book hotel rooms or whatever accommodation you choose to stay in advance. Last-minute bookings are always costly and you will end up paying more than needed. Use an online application to book early and grab great deals.

If you are traveling in peak seasons, then you must get pre-bookings. Finding last-minute accommodations during peak seasons can be a very tiring process.

Buy travel insure

Many consider buying travel insurance as a vague expense. But the future always comes with a set of uncertainties. And you can’t always predict how the situation is going to be during the actual time of your travel. Thus, buying travel insurance insures you against such unknown contingencies that may postpone or cancel your travel plans.

Book day tours and local transportation

A trip to Venice is incomplete without riding a gondola, a trip to Hyde Park is incomplete without riding a paddleboat, and a trip to London is incomplete without taking a train from king’s Cross Station. Booking cabs everywhere will not only be hard on your pocket but will also keep you away from some magnificent adventures.

Riding a rented scooter in the streets of Barcelona can be the best experience of your life. Be prepared to take cars, bikes, and scooters on rental. And ride your way through the unknown streets. Make google maps your best mate during times of need. 

Take care of last-minute logistics

1 or 2week before your flying schedule keep the track of important logistics like health, money, pet-sitter, luggage, etc.

Check the credit limits of your cards. Also, check that does your card charges you a fee for currency conversions. If that’s the case, then you must take another card with you that charges 0 conversion fees. You can also let your bank executives know you are going to travel abroad soon. So that they ensure a smooth flow of transactions. 

Pack your luggage

Packing 15 sets of clothes for a 7-day trip is a complete waste. Always start packing from the essentials like a warm hoodie, a thin blanket, a raincoat, waterproof shoes, and your medicines. Only after packing the essentials pack the extra items in the remaining space.