Does your Commercial Water Dispenser fail to heat water?

  First, check the hot water control function. If it is closed, you should open it. This function usually appears in the form of a small switch on the Commercial Water Dispenser, indicating where you should turn on the machine to get hot water. You should turn on the switch. If you still cannot get hot water, you should check the outlet to make sure that the Commercial Water Dispenser is properly plugged into the power outlet.

  If the hot and cold water heaters are connected well, the water outlet is open and there is no hot water, you should check the overload switch. Sometimes, the overload will cause a trip, thereby shutting down the power supply. If the power disconnection is caused by overload, then you should turn it on and give the dispenser a few minutes, and then try again.

  At this time, if the water is not heated, the problem may lie in the water outlet. You should call an electrician to check it. If the socket and the main power supply are functioning well and are energized, the problem may be with the heating element or coil. At this point, you can call an authorized service agent to check the heating system of the fuel dispenser.

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