Fixing the Hexagon Flange Bolt is the installation step. Check the anchor bolts, remove the dirt and oil on the surface of the galvanized layer, and apply lubricant on the threads to check whether the bolts and nuts match. During the fixing process, be careful not to mix dust and debris in the bolt holes, otherwise the debris will enter the grouting process. Then, it is necessary to grouting the bolts as a whole through pressure electromagnetic induction. At this time, it should be noted that the lower hook should keep a distance of two fingers from the bottom to prevent the gap from being too small to be filled during the grouting process. If the equipment is installed on the concrete floor in the basement or foundation, the anchor bolts should be hooked to the steel bars. If the equipment does not have steel bars, please use round steel to pass through the hooks. The embedding accuracy of anchor bolts directly affects the installation accuracy of the steel column, and even affects the installation accuracy of the entire steel structure project. Small errors in the embedding of Threaded Rods And Eye Bolts can cause serious consequences, so this work needs to be taken seriously.