The changing environment in which we live requires permanent adaptation within the real estate sector. At ATIPIKA we are constantly awaiting the latest updates in the sector to anticipate the near future since knowledge of the real estate market is what makes our clients expect transparency and excellence in our work. For this reason, our agency invests every day in technological and virtual resources; in order to be more efficient and accelerate all marketing processes. To trust ATIPIKA is to bet on progress and the avant-garde.

In light of the circumstances that the COVID-19 health crisis has generated, a change of mentality is necessary. There are many homeowners who currently have their homes for rent, or who are urgent to sell at this time, but face-to-face business visits were not feasible for a while, and that situation may tend to continue for a long time. For this reason, and for the common good, the more we can do online, the better.

In this sense, Matterports or virtual tours are gaining importance in the sector and accelerating marketing processes. Buyers or future tenants can view these 3D tours from anywhere and anywhere, something that has been especially useful for relocation clients and foreigners, and is convenient for everyone. In addition, the virtual tour limits the need for the property to prepare the home for visits each time since interested clients can decide from the comfort of their home if that potential future home is worth seeing in person. Now, Matterports play an essential role in buying and renting property.

For those unfamiliar, Matterport is a 3D data platform that uses state-of-the-art camera technology to create a high-precision digital twin of any physical space, in our case a home. Once created, this product can be shared on websites, social networks, and real estate portals, such as Idealista, one of the websites that work with this technology. The client is able to tour a property from home, saving time and gaining security and, only when he is really interested, does he travel to make a face-to-face visit with an agent.

The virtual tours also have a 'dollhouse' view so that buyers can get a general idea of ​​the entire plant. They have matter tags, which give us the possibility to point out characteristics of the house, customize finishes, and even change the furniture. They allow us to take measurements of the house, an important technology because customers can truly know what their future home will be, its distribution, qualities, dimensions, etc. The platform offers capture options, cloud storage, workshops, virtual reality, and it even has its own app.

ATIPIKA has relied, especially as a result of the confinement, on Matterport technology, so that our clients can visit the properties in our portfolio in a comfortable and safe way. And although human interaction is a vital part of our sector, it is necessary to support technological progress and vindicate the importance of the advancement of virtual tools, in order to be responsible for the common good, and to comply with the health regulations that have been established. after this crisis. matterport photographers near me

On our website, you can find multiple properties with virtual tours, both for sale and for rent. The first of them is this completely renovated design apartment next to 'Plaça Lesseps', which has a large living-dining room, two double bedrooms, and a bathroom. Its finishes are excellent and provide a special charm to the house, such as the Catalan vaulted ceilings, the exposed brick walls, etc. It is an innovative concept and is ready to move into. We leave you the Matterport :

This other high-standing apartment also has a virtual tour. It is located in the 'Les Corts' neighborhood, near the 'Plaça Francesc Macià', in one of the most central areas of Barcelona. The farm in which it is located has a communal pool and solarium on the roof, perfect to relax and enjoy the impressive views it offers. The surface of the house is comfortable and functional, perfect for family life. Get to know her by taking the virtual tour:

Another option that has a virtual tour on our website is this majestic 250m2 property located in the heart of Diagonal. It is a flat that needs updates, but it is cared for down to the smallest detail and its location is simply excellent, close to Vía Augusta, the 'Plaça Gal·la Placídia' and the Círculo Ecuestre, in the heart of Galvany, the upper area. In addition, the 50m2 terrace is ideal as a summer dining room. With a small investment in renovations, this can become a real gem in the upper Diagonal. Don't miss the virtual tour: