Observation Elevators Factory introduces the advantages of home mini elevators:

1. Household micro-elevators do not need a separate machine room, come with integrated hoistway, no car and counterweight, can make full use of the space occupied, the middle of the stairs, the position against the wall, the existing hoistway, indoor and outdoor can be installed, provide More internal space utilization.
2. The installation of the home mini elevator is very simple, the 2nd floor can be completed in only 2-3 days, and it can be directly installed on the floor that has been renovated without damaging the existing decoration.
3. Elevator lifting platform control panel and back panel, equipped with special patterns/designs to choose from, both aesthetics and adaptability, and can be matched with different decoration styles; rich colors can be customized for optional colors, and there are more than 268 kinds of options. Fully meet the individual needs of different users, and strive to provide a variety of personalized options.
4. Adopting high-quality LED backlight technology, mirrored ceiling, integrated hoistway, optional five-sided sightseeing, more transparent, brighter, and more levels of rich visual experience; daily use and maintenance are also simple and convenient, according to use Frequency, it is recommended to maintain 1-2 times a year.
5. Aiming at the noise reduction technology, using the exclusive silent drive, not only is the volume lower than other screw elevators, but also in many other aspects, both in design and function, it is better than the previous platform elevators. For example, the operating volume is lower, the motor power is increased, the maintenance requirements are reduced, the fuel consumption is less, and the materials are more environmentally friendly and energy-saving.
6. Comes with a child safety lock, thoughtful design, always guarding the child; at the same time as a brand new experience, let the family rest assured at all times. The child lock adopts a square rounded corner design with smooth lines; modern touch screen buttons, convenient and sensitive operation; easy to activate/deactivate the child lock function in 3 seconds; located at the height of the ladder door 1.8 meters, the height that children can't touch; it has an intelligent prompt sound, Clearly distinguish the status of each operation.