As a plastic pipe manufacturer, saving costs in the production process is the top priority. However, in the final analysis, your products are as good as the machines that produce them. Therefore, investing in a machine composed of high-quality components should be a breeze.

Many plastic pipe manufacturers often wonder why it is important to have an extruder with Bimetallic Screw Barrel and barrel. The answer is simple; the Bimetallic Screw Barrel have a hard protective coating (typically 1-2 mm thick) on the working surface, allowing manufacturers to squeeze pipes with difficult-to-use materials while providing durable and reliable production Experience.

Why do we need a robust extruder
The production of plastic pipes from recycled or substandard plastics may affect the extruder. When buying a new extruder, the best choice is to choose an extruder with a bimetallic screw and barrel, because it allows you to use a range of cost-saving materials, such as recycled plastics or substandard plastics. Will sacrifice the health of the extruder.

The bimetallic screw and barrel can achieve the best extruder performance, strength, fatigue resistance and enhanced process control. In the entire life cycle of an extruder, there are several factors that will bring additional pressure to the extruder, the following are the most important.

Recycled or substandard raw materials
Using recycled materials to produce drip irrigation pipes or ordinary plastic pipes is an excellent environmentally friendly choice to reduce waste while reducing overall material costs.

Unfortunately, the reground plastic may contain impurities, particles, and plastic additives, which may cause additional wear or unpredictable behavior during the extrusion process. In addition, although recycled materials may be rough, dirty, and rough on the extruder, the bimetallic screw and barrel can provide smooth production even after long-term use of recycled materials or substandard materials.

Multi-layer cross head
Provide pipe manufacturers with 3-layer crossheads to reduce raw material costs by replacing approximately 80% of the original raw materials with recycled plastics. The cross head is covered with a middle layer containing recycled plastic, and the inner and outer layers are composed of the remaining 20% ​​of the original material. This allows these extremely cost-effective pipelines to transport drinking water, because the recycling core of the pipeline cannot come into contact with fresh water.

Cross section of a 3-layer tube using recycled materials.

The 3-layer crosshead allows the manufacturer to add up to four colored stripes. Using a 3-layer crosshead can help manufacturers save money without sacrificing pipeline quality.

PVC manufacturing
PVC is the world's third most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer, and it poses another problem for extruders without bimetallic components. The increased friction caused by the PVC raw material will bring additional pressure to the extruder, which is why the PVC extruder needs a twin screw. In addition, even if two screws are used, rough materials such as PVC or recycled plastic can be harmful to the health of the extruder.

Choosing an extruder with bimetallic twin screws and barrels for PVC pipe production can offset premature wear, reduce maintenance requirements and save energy consumption.

Advantages of high-quality extruder
Buying a durable extruder has economic and quality advantages. First of all, this extruder will require less regular maintenance, thereby saving production downtime and maintenance spare parts costs. In addition, the robust extruder can easily handle recycled or substandard materials, thereby saving raw material costs.

The extruder is the core of the pipe production line, and it has a greater impact on the quality of the finished product than any other machine. If operated correctly, high-quality extruders usually require less maintenance, which saves production downtime, replacement parts and energy consumption, and allows you to use recycled or substandard materials without compromising your finished product or extrusion The machine causes damage.


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