In Madden 22 Ultimate Team, one of the keys to building a strong team is getting the number of Training points for the cheapest madden 22 coins possible. Training points are used to buy items such as Playbooks and Uniforms. However, the most important is that it can unlock some players’ unique abilities like Superstar Abilities or X-Factors, which can give you the edge in a game. 

So how to get it is a question that many are wondering at the moment. In this guide, we’ll run you through how to get Training Points in Madden 22 fast, so you don’t have to worry so much.

There are three ways to earn Training points in Madden 22 Ultimate Team:

Complete MUT Challenges: There are many challenges you can go after, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to earn free Training Points. Of course, the best ones for earning Madden 22 Training Points are the Weekly Solos challenges or Head to Head challenges. 

Quicksell Players: This is may the main way to get Training points in this year’s Madden. You can get Training points by forgoing selling Player Cards on the Auction House and Quickselling them. The higher their overall rating, the more Training Points you’ll get for them:

    62-65 Overall: 4 Training
    66-69 Overall: 6 Training
    70 Overall: 10 Training
    71 Overall: 12 Training
    72 Overall: 15 Training
    73 Overall: 18 Training
    74 Overall: 21 Training
    75 Overall: 26 Training
    76 Overall: 31 Training
    77 Overall: 38 Training
    78 Overall: 46 Training
    79 Overall: 56 Training
    80 Overall: 110 Training
    81 Overall: 160 Training
    82 Overall: 230 Training
    83 Overall: 340 Training
    84 Overall: 490 Training
    85 Overall: 710 Training
    86 Overall: 1,030 Training
    87 Overall: 1,500 Training
    88 Overall: 2,180 Training
    89 Overall: 3,150 Training
    90 Overall: 5,000 Training

Buying Training Points: This is an easy and quick way to get some Training Points. Although we always advise avoiding min-game microtransactions, sometimes we need those points right away. 

By the way, these training values are the same for Madden 22 on all platforms, so it doesn’t matter what platforms you are playing.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get Training Points in Madden 22. For more tips, tricks and guides, please visit here.