You may wonder on what basis that the telegram clone script is in great demand. To be one among the competitive world, our well-experienced app developers provide you with ready-made solutions. There are various sources and services provided at our one-stop solutions.


Telegram is the leading on-demand messaging platform with more than 500 million active users per month. It is expected to reach a billion users by the end of 2022. It was first launched in the year 2013 with just 35 million monthly active users. To maintain high security, the app did not include any third-party apps. This is the ultimate success and gained more users in the recent time. The users were also able to upload any videos without the need to trim them. Check out the benefits you gain through the Telegram clone script. 

Core benefits of Telegram Clone Script 


  • First and foremost, Telegram flourished in the online industry as the app was free on all devices. The users will be allowed to download the app from the iOS store or Android store.  
  • Our app developers build Telegram clone app development with cloud storage without any file limitations. The users can easily download the files that will be automatically saved in both phone gallery and cloud storage. The cloud storage options allow the users to recover their accounts irrespective of time.
  • Our team provides an ad-free on-demand messaging app. Thus it enriches the fastest communications between the users. 
  • The users are given the freedom to text and send unlimited multimedia messages without any subscription packs. 
  • They can share pictures, videos, audio, emoticons, and many more related to the part of messages. 
  • There is no space for a fear of privacy for the users. Our team provides you with an end-to-end encryption interface where the messages are highly secured. The user can also utilize the secret chat feature to experience the security of the messages between the users. 
  • In the secret chats, the option sends a notification if the other end users take screenshots and other files. 
  • The app is also integrated with a GPS tracking system. In this case, the users can send their live locations to the other end users instantly. 
  • Our esteemed team gives a wide space to accommodate numerous users in a group in an app like Telegram. In this case, the users can start a community and upload unlimited media files.  
  • When the user creates a channel and if any inappropriate content appears or a report emerges, you have the right to ban the channel and remove the users. 
  • Therefore, through this telegram clone script, you can customize the app with any additional features that you would like to provide for your users.  

Winding Up


In brief, Telegram is profoundly known for its highly secured conversations. The data and other media files are easily accessible at any time. Thus, our team is always ready to assist you with building the fastest messaging app. TurnkeyTown is widely known for the numerous creation of the white Label Telegram Clone