It's a regular occurrence for me and WOW TBC Classic Gold my friends or FC mates to pop into discord during the evenings, go hang out in a large city, and dance a little, maybe watch the bards, wander around the houses of the wards, check out the location that's hosting a party, something outside of just playing together. There's a lot to see and do around the world, however many of the things are made by the player. This is what I miss the most about old school WoW. It was no longer thrilling for me a long time and I'll never forget getting dressed in SWP gear and having people on my very badly progressed server saying 'WHOA THAT Gear is SO amazing' but having no idea!

It's incredible to go to FFXIV and hang out in Limsa, Ul'dah, or anywhere else with my Triple Triad parasol. I'm pretty sure I'll get five whispers of where it came from. Because I'm an avid fashion fanatic, I frequently call people to ask where they bought certain pieces. It's extremely enjoyable.

Early Runescape is a wonderful community. You can travel through Varrock and Falador to discover a myriad of people who are doing different things. Or, go to world 2 to see the trading sites. A lot of people spent their time playing minigames. Now everyone is breaking down every activity into gold/hour and hourly xp.

When the gearscore was climbing it was time to join WoW. Prior to when LFG was launched DPS meters were standard practice. There was a change in group dynamics from staying away from toxic people to go to dungeons to just kick the lowest level of dps and being replaced in minutes. The problem has gotten worse in WoW where the "interview" procedure for joining groups changed from simply checking their gear , to checking all of cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold their experience (people generally want you to have 4 years experience before they can offer you their entry-level position).