The nozzle determines the speed of the water flow. The location of the installation and the way the water is discharged will bring different touches to the body.

According to the classification form, it can be divided into hand shower, overhead shower and side spray shower.

1. Hand shower

Hand shower is a must-have for almost all households. It can move freely and can also be fixed on the shower rack. It has a more diverse outlet. If your home is not suitable for a shower set, buying a good hand shower is also sufficient.

2. Overhead shower

The overhead shower is fixed at the top of our head. The height of some overhead showers is not adjustable, but the water outlet angle can generally be adjusted. The surface of the water is huge, so you can take a shower while washing your hair.

The shower set on the market basically consists of a hand shower and an overhead shower. Due to its versatility, this has also become the most popular shower type in China.

3. Side spray shower

The side spraying sprinkler bracket is hidden, and the position of the water outlet is fixed.

It is recommended to have a separate bathroom during installation and do not wet the entire bathroom.

In addition, the installation of this side spray shower is more troublesome, and the angle of the shower is relatively fixed.

The first two are recommended for general household use.

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