woven imitation linen fabric can be said to be the protagonist of summer clothing fabrics. Its fiber structure (large gaps between fibers) determines that linen has strong air permeability, so it will be very cool after putting on linen fabric. Focus on introducing the characteristics of linen fabrics.

What are the characteristics of linen fabric

Characteristics of linen fabric:

1. Linen has good moisture absorption and moisture conductivity. It can absorb 20 times the water of its own weight and is a common fabric for summer clothing.

2. Hemp fiber is a kind of natural fiber. Natural fiber generally does not irritate or damage the skin. It is a kind of anti-allergic fabric.

3. Antibacterial is also a major feature of linen. Generally, linen fabrics are not easy to mold, but it is best to store them in a dry environment.

4. Although the toughness of linen is very good, the fabric has no elasticity at all. It is generally difficult to restore the original shape after pulling hard, and the dimensional stability of the clothes is low. This is also one of the reasons for linen and its easy wrinkling. If you use linen It may have a kind of "hard" feeling (the characteristic of hemp fiber) if it is used to produce underwear.

Which is better, linen or silk

Before comparing, let's take a look at the characteristics of silk fabrics:

1. Real silk is generally made of silk because of its low coefficient of friction, and the fabric is very comfortable after being put on.

2. The real silk is also porous, and the fabric also has good air permeability.

3. Excellent anti-ultraviolet ability. Sunlight cannot penetrate the silk. Some sunscreen clothing will use silk fabrics.

4. But it is relatively troublesome to take care of real silk, including its washing and maintenance methods.

In fact, there is no so-called good or bad for these two kinds of fabrics, only fit or not. In terms of the degree of coolness, linen will be better, but linen is not suitable for winter clothing, and the warmth retention of silk is much greater than that of linen. The specific choice of fabrics mainly depends on consumer demand for fabrics.

But in fact, Yifan, as a Curtain fabric Supplier, often uses machine-made linen fabrics as curtain fabrics.