Education should start with babies. Since knowing this sentence, many parents have paid special attention to the enlightenment education of babies. After the baby grows up, it is necessary to buy many child building blocks mold or small toys. Some toys can also help babies. In order to help coordinate the baby's hands-on ability, mothers are still very careful in choosing children's products for their babies, but how do we need to choose the best products for babies?

First, we choose the right components for the baby. When choosing building blocks, you must check whether the building blocks have good pressure-bearing capacity. It is best to choose blocks with higher pressure resistance for babies to play. In this process, even if it is pressed on the block, the block will not be crushed and damaged.

Second, when choosing building blocks for babies, check whether the color of the building blocks is uniform and bright. The quality of the building blocks is good. The particle color of each building block is relatively uniform and does not mix colors. And the color saturation is relatively high, which can attract babies.

If you must choose a product with a smooth surface and no scratches, please choose a foundation stone to be inserted into the baby. Baby's skin is more delicate, so try to see if it is smooth. If the surface of the block is not smooth, it can easily scratch the baby's hand.

Finally, when the baby chooses to insert the blocks, please check whether the connection of the inserted blocks is stable. You can try to insert some blocks. Will it fall when inserted? In the process of inserting and pulling out, it is not easy to fall off, and it is relatively easy to pull out.

The above are the points to pay attention to when choosing baby blocks. Of course, there are other things that need attention. We need to be cautious about baby's child product mold or all the items we touch and don't let ourselves regret it.

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