In recent years, my country's industry has been developing from time to time, and air compressor has become a necessary source of power in some factories. In order to save costs, choosing the appropriate air compressor system has become the primary achievement of every factory's thinking. So how to establish a complete set of reasonable air compressor parts in my factory? The following Luxi air compressor manufacturer will analyze it in detail for you.

First of all, you must be familiar with the products of my factory, and choose what kind of air compressor to meet the needs of your own products. Choose Luxi air compressor from the following points: brand, model (parameters such as air volume, pressure), price, after-sales service , Use capital.

1. Air compressor price:

Some companies only think about the low price of Luxi air compressors when they are selling air compressors, but when they use them, they find that the quality is too poor and the machine does not fluctuate. When they encounter problems, they can only stop the machine, but the time is long , Resulting in the consumption line also stopped, thus forming an immeasurable loss.

2. Volatility of air compressor:

There are also some companies that think about the volatility of air compressors when they are selling, but they ignore the energy consumption of air compressors. They accumulate over time and form a small amount of waste in electricity consumption. Let’s calculate, one The cost of air compressor equipment purchase only accounts for 5%-10%, maintenance also accounts for 5%-10%, and the cost of electricity consumption accounts for 80%-90%, so the time when we buy air compressors does not matter. Those who choose volatility must also choose energy-saving ones. Energy-saving means saving money.

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