During the manufacture of pp fitting, materials that are more likely to wear out from exposure to harsh conditions have to be produced with this weakness in mind. For that reason, manufacturers develop thicker fittings that use a lot of material to improve their resilience to corrosives and extreme temperature.

  The use of more material translates into increased production costs. What’s more, the fittings become heavy and cumbersome to install, and this leads to increased project costs.

  Stainless steel triumphs other materials that would be used in the manufacture of pipe fittings due to its strength-to-weight advantage. The metal is in itself corrosion-resistant, and it performs well under extreme temperatures.

  You can make thinner pipe fittings from stainless steel as compared to other materials on the market today. With fewer materials required in the fabrication process, the production costs of stainless steel are significantly reduced.

  Thinner fittings are easy to install, and they cut down on the time and resources required during the process. This means that you will spend much less on buying and installing the fittings as compared to if you opted for another material.

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