Puzzle Games for Kids used to be a primary classification with a basic idea. You solve puzzles for time-killing enjoyment. But the class ballooned incredibly on mobile. Indeed, it's quite possibly the most popular classification on the whole platform. It began with basic viral

Puzzle Games for Android Free Download like 2048 and advanced into enjoyable encounters like Monument Valley.

Puzzle Games for PC Free Download are an incredible wellspring of entertainment if you're searching for a significant challenge. Digital puzzle games offer unlimited scenarios of innovative brainteasers. Whenever you have sorted out an actual jigsaw puzzle, you can download an application with thousands more. You can play a round of Tetris and challenged individuals throughout the planet. You can wake up abandoned on an island with no memory and solve many Puzzle Games for Girls to find your way home.

Nowadays, you can discover some great Puzzle Games for Android Free Download in both gameplay and graphics. Gone are fundamental mechanics and graphics with silly thoughts, exceptional and complex applications with inventive stories, and excellent illustrations. This rundown changes quickly as new Puzzle Video Game Download champions arise.

Here Are the Best 5 Puzzle Games for Kids

Monument Valley 1 2

Monument Valley 1 is an honor-winning and quite possibly the most well-known game in puzzle games for mobile. There is a princess who you need to direct in mysterious and revealing secret ways while unfurling optical figments. The game is not difficult to play. The sound and illustrations of the game are the most excellent features. The game permits you to synchronize it with your other Android gadgets. It upholds both Android cell phones and Android tablets.

Monument Valley 2 is the continuation of its first Puzzle Video Game, PS4. In Monument Valley 2, there is a mother and her kid who you need to direct in optical dream ways, enchanted engineering, and unimaginable items. The designs and sound quality of the game are incredible. The game is viable with Android 4.4 or more versions running cell phones and tablets.

The Birdcage

This Puzzle Video Game, PS4, is not standard for any others. The Birdcage application has an enchanted storyline about a sorrowful King who has locked away all of the sea-hued birds that populate his realm since they help him remember the child he lost. Nonetheless, in doing as such, he took the breeze from the sky, which must be brought back when the birds are released. You must address the puzzles at each level to help all birds escape so the breeze can blow in the realm once more.


A charming, unusual, and brilliant world loaded with extraordinary characters, Pikuniku is a Puzzle Video Game Download distributed by Devolver Digital that can make anybody smile. The story spins around Piku, a red animal who hides far from anyone else, as he circumvents assisting locals with their issues. A large number of these issues come from Mr. Daylight, a pink animal who needs to simply part with cash however is behind a more vile plot in the game. The world can be loads of amusing to investigate and doesn't surge the player either, making it a simple game to invest a lot of time in.

Roll the ball

Recollect the old days, when you had a hand puzzle, in which you needed to move the ball and make it arrive at the last point. Roll the ball game follows similar mechanics, with a cutting edge contort to it. You need to put pipes in all cases associating with one another, lastly getting the ball as far as possible. Toward the beginning, it appears to be a straightforward game, but as you begin advancing, it gets more troublesome. The game has around 3,000 levels with no time-breaking point or punishment, so take as much time as is needed and have a great time making the ball arrive at its objective.


It is a brilliant and relaxing puzzle game that is misleadingly easy to play and components fantastic puzzles. At its core, it's a tile-trading match-three game, and each level expects you to flip the tiles to coordinate tones.

Notwithstanding, it's far beyond that. Things start overall quite simple, with the game spreading out essential standards before steadily giving you more mind-boggling puzzles. Try not to worry, however, as you'll be prepared for them. There are more than 120 puzzles included with no time limits, move cutoff points, advertisements, or in-application buys to manage.

Play These Online Puzzle Games for Kids to Keep Their Mind Sharp

Similarly, as we need actual exercise to keep up with our wellness, we need mind practices for brain wellness. We trust our rundown of best free Android puzzle games goes about as a helping tool with keeping you occupied in something useful than simply online media.

Do tell me which games from our Puzzle Games for PC Free Download you loved the most. If you have more ideas to make, we will take them and add the best ones to our rundown.

Until then, continue puzzling your mind and make it fitter and better!

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