The shower is a necessary household item in the bathroom. Many people may only pay attention to the water output of the shower, whether the nozzle is clean, whether the plating process is handled properly, but ignore the installation height of the shower. In fact, the installation height of the bathroom shower is very important, which will directly affect the comfort of use. So, how high is the installation height of the shower head introduced by Handmade Sink Manufacturers ?

1. The installation height of the concealed shower head is such that only one shower head is exposed. The shower column that comes out of the water is hidden in the wall and is invisible. The center of the water outlet from the wall used to connect the shower head should reach a distance of about 2.1m from the ground. The distance between the shower control switch and the faucet and the ground should be controlled at about 1.1m. This is also the most common shower installation height.

2. The installation height of the surface-mounted boom shower, this type of shower, our common products, are all installed outside the wall. Surface-mounted price-rising showers generally use the water surface as the reference plane to judge the height. The best distance between the shower head and the horizontal is 2m. In actual installation, specific judgments should be made according to the user's actual height standards. The height of the shower head is generally such that the fingertips of the user can just touch it when the user raises his arm. However, the installation should not be too low to prevent the fingers from being injured when the arm is waving in the shower. Note that the switch of the exposed shower head is buried in the wall with hot water on the left side and cold water on the right side. Don't make a mistake. The center distance between the left and right outlets is 150mm. During construction, pay attention that the outlet on the wall must be flush with the surface of the tile. The water pipe inside must not be crooked and must face the wall.

Through the above introduction, Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.