Float Pontoon Factory introduces the installation method of the float-type submersible pump: the crane puts the pump in the water and fixes it on the shore with a rope to prevent it from drifting away. The water outlet is connected with a hose, which is butted with other pipes.

 1. Design principle, instructions for use and use of floating bucket submersible pump Design principle of floating bucket submersible pump: Combine the submersible pump and the floating bucket to make the pump float on the water to pump water, which solves the problem of silt in puddles, pools, seasides, etc. The problem of inconvenient installation. Purpose and usage: It can be used for water intake in reservoirs, water pit drainage, Haihe river water intake and sump drainage, etc.; during installation, you only need to connect the floating water pump to the hose or steel pipe, and then drop into the water after the submersible cable is connected. In this way, the pump can float on the water to pump water.

2. Work flow: Casting process: Nodular cast iron is used in the selection of water pump castings. Due to the particularity of its material, the pump body is made of ductile iron, which increases the mechanical characterization of the pump. The water pump impeller has a large casting flow channel area, which is more resistant to pressure and more durable than welding. Balance test: The pump will go through a rigorous balance test before the parts are selected. Inspectors follow up the whole process and randomly select parts for sampling inspection

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