Camping gives you a chance to appreciate a simpler way of living, with nature at your doorstep and no electricity it is a great activity that allows you to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Some people believe camping is more suitable for young people, however, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages, including older people who may rely on a UK stairlift. Whether you’re thinking of going on a solo folding camping bed for sale adventure, a break with your partner or a family holiday with the grandchildren included, we reveal our camping tips for older people that’ll help you camp with ease.

  Choose the right tent

  First and foremost, the most important tip is to pack the right tent. You want to be able to live comfortably and sleep properly during your trip, so choosing a suitable tent is crucial. If you’re thinking about using a tent from years ago that’s been buried in the attic you may want to reconsider, as the type of tent you need may differ from the one you used years ago. When looking at buying a tent for your trip there are three key things to look for; living space, height and how difficult it is to pitch.

  Invest in a larger stand-up tent! A tent with adequate standing room not only makes it easier for older people to move around without any awkward crouching or crawling but it also means there is enough room for a good quality air mattress.

  Most medium to large-sized family tunnel tents offer great standing-height access. Alternatively, bell tents from 5m upwards can work although they are slightly harder to put up, they have doors that are tall enough to require no bending to get in or out of.

  A tent that has a separate living space to the bedroom also comes in handy, as when it gets too cold to sit and eat outside, you can relax in your make-shift kitchen and living area. This area will also provide you with extra storage space, as nothing is worse than a cluttered bedroom pod in a tent. Use baskets or plastic boxes to keep your food, drink and other provisions neatly packed away. The last thing anyone wants is to be tripping over random articles if they must reach the bathroom at night.

  Tents, in general, are already lacking in space and cluttering up the remaining floor space only makes it more of a hazard. Look around for hanging organisers that you can attach to the sides of your tent and tuck things away in unobtrusive locations.

  When finding the perfect tent for a comfortable trip, you should also be aware of how easy it is to pitch and take down as this is your responsibility at most camping sites. If you decide to buy a tent, try to do so instore rather than online so you can ask the shop assistant about its difficulty level, and often you’ll be able to see it standing for yourself.

  so is in a great position to share her advice, she says: “Learn about your tent as the easier your tent is to put up and take down, the better!”

  What to look for in a tent

  It is tall enough for you to stand up straight

  It has multi-rooms including a living space

  It’s easy to pitch and takedown

  It has a double-layered sheet for added water resistance

  Glow-in-the-dark guy ropes are useful

  Heavy-duty and easy to use zippers

  Have a practice run

  There’s nothing wrong with being prepared, so if you have a large enough outdoor space why not practice pitching the tent? This is a great idea if you decide to use a tent from years ago, to check whether it is still in good condition. You should also check whether the tent is still high enough for you to walk around inside without having to bend your back and that the sleeping pod is large enough for a comfortable bed.

  Practising pitching your tent is also a great way of testing whether you’re capable of doing so, or whether a new tent is what you were looking for.

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