Home, business, and personal cleaning and disinfecting have become a major element of everyone’s life in 2020. Effective and thorough disinfection starts with having a plan or a routine and being consistent with it in order to maintain a level of protection. People are regularly carrying and using disinfectant sprays, hand sanitizers, cleaning wipes, and incorporating frequent use of these products into their daily lives.

  Products are the best options for this type of frequent, routine, disinfection because of their special formula, effectiveness, and easy-to-use protocols, just to name a few reasons. Regardless, like wearing masks in public, attention to disinfecting and cleaning has become a regular part of life.

  If you have a large space that you want to disinfect quickly and effectively i.e. your home, your business, a vehicle, etc. You’ve probably considered using a disinfectant fogger or Plastic Trigger Sprayer factory. A disinfectant fogger or disinfectant sprayer is capable of dispensing and dispersing a large amount of disinfectant spray or antibacterial spray in a short period of time.

  If you have a 1000sq foot or larger space, going at your disinfecting protocols with a disinfectant spray bottle and cloth, or even a mop, is going to be a difficult task…especially if there is equipment, furniture, personal items, high-frequency community touch-points, etc. that need to be thoroughly disinfected. Going over each square foot with disinfectant spray and cloth to ensure proper disinfection in a space that size is going to be time consuming to say the least. On the other hand it's possible you’ll be able to be a bit more efficient with how much product you use because you’ll be in control of each area on which you spray disinfectant.

  For covering large areas, a disinfectant sprayer or disinfectant fogger machine is a great solution because it’s going to save you time…but maybe not always money. Many disinfectant foggers or disinfectant sprayers are large pieces of equipment that churn out huge amounts of antimicrobial spray for disinfecting and although it might save you time, you might be using much more disinfectant spray or antimicrobial spray than you anticipated, and at the end of the day, spending more money.

  A disinfectant fogger or disinfectant sprayer can work effectively to be part of your regular disinfecting protocols and routines but what is the best disinfectant fogger or disinfectant sprayer for you?

  For some people hearing the term disinfectant fogger or disinfectant sprayer conjures up an image like this fogger used to disperse industrial strength pesticides.

  large sprayer Or this agricultural fogger…something used in agriculture, again with pesticides, to cover huge tracts of land and space in a short period of time. This type of application is really more like fumigation, actually.

  Advances in disinfectant fogger and disinfectant sprayer technology have allowed for smaller versions of foggers and sprayers to become popular and one term that you’ll undoubtedly come across in your search for a disinfectant fogger or disinfectant sprayer is “Electrostatic”. So what is an electrostatic fogger or electrostatic sprayer?

  Basically an electrostatic fogger or electrostatic sprayer uses an electrostatic charge to charge the particles that make up the disinfectant spray, which causes the particles to repel each other, or disperse in a fog/cloud/fine spray and stick to surfaces. It’s the same sort of technology used when you get a spray tan or in factories, like car factories, that have to paint large areas in a short period of time. Electrostatic foggers and electrostatic sprayers work but at the end of the day they can be very expensive. They can also be unwieldy pieces of equipment that require you to wear a backpack or roll a tank of disinfectant spray along with you as you clean. Some require specialized disinfectants to be used with the fogger or sprayer, and some of these disinfectants are proprietary, which is why you have to call a cleaning service to utilize them.

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