High-speed machining skills have been widely valued in recent years due to their advantages of high production efficiency, high machining accuracy, and low machining costs, and are hailed as one of the advanced production skills with development prospects in the 21st century. Following the CNC machining skills, high-speed machining skills are setting off another serious innovation in the manufacturing industry and will influence the future development trend of industrial production. To complete high-speed machining, a higher cutting speed is an indispensable prerequisite, and the High-speed Electric Spindle Shaft, which provides the driving force for high-speed cutting, plays a key role in it. As the central functional component of the entire high-speed machining technology, high-speed electric spindles are getting more and more popular in the field of modern CNC machine tools. Complete the new technology of integrating the spindle components of the CNC machine tool with the spindle motor. In practice, the hollow motor rotor is directly installed on the main shaft, and the stator is fixed in the main shaft box hole through the cooling jacket to form a complete main shaft unit. The rear rotor drives the main shaft to operate. The spindle does not need any mechanical connection, which completes the "zero transmission" of the machine tool, and only needs to change the power supply frequency to complete the spindle speed control.

Compared with the traditional machine tool spindle, the electric spindle has a more compact structure, a lighter weight, a higher speed, a higher power, and a faster response speed during operation, and the production noise is much lower than that of the traditional spindle. This unitized structure greatly simplifies machine tool planning and is easy to locate. It is a more ambitious structure. In the field of CNC machine tools, this skill, along with linear motor skills and high-speed tool skills, has pushed high-speed machining technology to a new level. my country's research on the use of CNC machine tool electric spindles started in 1998, and there is still a certain gap with foreign advanced technology, and it has not yet constituted a batch of independent production scale.

Relevant high-tech applications of high-speed electric spindles have very strict, even demanding requirements on the performance of their bearings and motors. Bearings require outstanding rigidity, damping resistance and long service life. Generally, there are three choices of dynamic pressure bearing, composite ceramic bearing or electromagnetic suspension bearing. In the meantime, composite ceramic bearings use hot-pressed ceramic balls and steel bearing rings, which are widely used in electric spindle units because of their heat resistance and wear resistance, high standardization and easy protection. Although the electromagnetic suspension bearing has good high-speed performance, high accuracy, and easy flash monitoring, it has not been widely promoted because the structure and system are too messy, the production cost is high, and the price remains high for a long time.

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