With the continuous development of the automotive industry and the continuous enrichment and improvement of auto parts, Auto Reflective Part, as a necessary part of the automotive safety situation, has attracted more and more attention. The rearview mirror of the car reflects the rear and side conditions of the car, so that the driver can see clearly the situation in these positions indirectly. It acts as the "second eye" and expands the driver's field of vision. The car rearview mirror is divided into the scope of installation, which is divided into car exterior rearview mirror and interior rearview mirror. The exterior rearview mirrors of the car are installed on the left and right sides of the exterior of the car body, and are used to observe the road conditions on the left and right sides of the vehicle when the vehicle is running.

At present, in the manufacturing process of automobile rearview mirrors, hot melt ABS is directly injected into the cavity between the upper mold and the lower mold for molding and cooling. However, during the molding process, it is easy to affect some products during mold opening The corner area is damaged, and some thin-walled areas cannot be perfectly formed, and it is easy to dent or bend when the mold is opened. Therefore, the manufacturing efficiency of the product is affected, and the quality requirements of the product cannot be met.

In order to solve the above-mentioned shortcomings of the prior art, the purpose of the present invention is to provide a manufacturing mold for automobile mirror housings that can not only improve the manufacturing efficiency, but also meet the product manufacturing quality requirements.

In order to achieve the above-mentioned purpose, the utility model designed a manufacturing mold for automobile reflector housing, which includes a front template and a rear template. , The trapezoidal shovel base is located between two fixing grooves one, the inner side of the rear template is respectively provided with two fixing grooves two corresponding to each fixing groove one, and the fixing groove one is embedded and fixed with the front A mold core, a rear mold core corresponding to the front mold core is embedded and fixed in the second fixing groove, the front mold core and the rear mold core are correspondingly matched to form a mold cavity, the inner and outer sides of the rear mold core Respectively provided with grooves communicating with the mold cavity, a core-pulling slider 1 is movably inserted in the grooves, an inner side slope of the wedge block and an outer side slope of the core-pulling slide in the groove on the outer side of the rear mold core Fitting, the outer slope of the shovel base fits with an inner slope of the core-pulling slider in the groove on the inner side of the back mold core, the core-pulling slider is provided with an oblique guide hole, and the wedge block The top surface and the top surface of the front template are provided with inclined guide posts that are inserted into the inclined guide holes.

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