How enjoyable it is to have a bathtub. The bathtub faucet can be more stylistically. The copper inner core will not rust for a long time. The main body of the faucet adopts lead-free refined copper, which cares for family health and avoids lead poisoning. The five-layer filter splash-proof bubbler accords with the ergonomic design, so that the water column is soft and does not splash water.

The shower faucet is made of high-quality brass, the surface is mirror-plated, moisture-resistant and corrosion-resistant; the 360-degree adjustable and rotatable shower has a larger area of ​​mesh water outlet, and you can sense the suitable temperature without reaching out. Safe and environmentally friendly water flow power generation, without external power supply, effectively protects the safety of water for family members.

It has weight and quality. It is made of thicker refined copper, artificially polished and polished. The lines are smooth and round, and the shape is elegant, which can be perfectly matched with various home decoration styles. The drawable all-copper spray gun design, the 360°rotating extension of the water outlet, greatly improves the operable angle, stable and controllable hot and cold water outlet, taking care of the family in all aspects, washing vegetables, dishes and cleaning the stove can be easily done.

Bathtub faucets are one of YUSON’s main products, and YUSON is also a wall-mounted bathtub faucets supplier. Our bathtub faucets are simple and elegant, with single, double and triple styles. Consumers can follow their own needs. Make a selection.

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