When delivering the first impression to customers, product packaging boxes and express boxes have become as important as products. The planned design of e-commerce packaging will help you find ways to display brand information and improve the product unpacking experience.

The brand information displayed in the e-commerce packaging box can help you build a strong brand identity, which will definitely impress your customers.

Most brands have almost all requirements for express packaging boxes to improve their sturdiness, pressure resistance, and protection. Although such a courier box can protect the product and the inner packaging can be displayed in front of customers in the best state, but it has little effect on improving brand recognition and product unpacking experience.

Because these requirements are important skills that almost all express packaging boxes must possess. Adding brand colors, brand logos, and illustrations to the express packaging box can enhance the overall fun, which can effectively make customers remember your brand and at the same time create a better unpacking experience for customers.

Secondly, the element that can create a good unpacking experience is the product packaging box. Compared with express packaging boxes, product packaging boxes are generally customized for different products one by one, which is more unique.

Whether it is the choice of the material and craftsmanship of the product packaging box, it is determined through continuous discussion. The product packaging box must be richer in terms of the shape, structure, image and color matching of the packaging box. High-end product packaging boxes can also be used for collection purposes. All elements are reasonably designed in the product packaging box. The more delicate the packaging box, the more eye-catching it is, and it can also improve the unpacking experience.

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