Video has been the most popular form of content that is being consumed and created in the contemporary digital age. One of the primary reasons why it is growing so popular is because it helps to effectively communicate a message in a shorter duration. Online video streaming platforms are also growing popular and are gradually becoming the go-to option for entertainment. Video streaming can be explained as a type of media streaming in which data from a video file is delivered to a remote user by leveraging the internet. The global COVID-19 pandemic has given a major boost to these online video streaming portals as they have been the primary source of entertainment during lockdowns.

Popular trends in the video streaming arena for 2021 and beyond

Let’s delve deeper into 5 popular video streaming trends that are prevalent in the online video streaming market.

5G will be the game-changer

The 5G mobile internet technology is expected to become the norm soon, especially in urban areas. This will drastically change the user behaviour as it will be more convenient to access video content online without having to wait for long. The latency rate of the 5th generation cellular internet technology is much lower at just 1 millisecond. It is also expected to be 100 times faster than the 4G technology. This will provide users with the needed speed to stream high-quality graphic content on their smartphones and improve the delivery of video streaming services.  

Accessibility of Immersive Video Streaming Technology

Streaming high-quality video content such as 4K videos can take up around 30 MBPS of internet bandwidth, this goes even higher in the case of live streaming videos that can take almost double this bandwidth. Mainstream consumer-grade internet connections don’t offer this flexibility. This will soon change after 5G technology becomes mainstream. It will make it easier to stream high-quality video content. One can expect 4K videos and virtual reality streaming to be more accessible and affordable in the coming years.

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