Do you want to escape the daily burden of coordinating transportation to get to your  office, business, or college? The agony of riding an overcrowded bus or persuading  an aggressive CNG driver may spoil your attitude at the start of the day. Aside from  the usual dangers of accidents, harassment, and pick-pocketing, public transportation  is a high-risk area for coronavirus infection. In this circumstance, on-demand ridesharing applications can be a boon to the masses who cannot afford personal  transportation. Today, we'll talk about the new ride-sharing application ‘Hurry Up’ in Bangladesh.

In July 2021, the Bangladeshi digital platform 'Hurry Up' debuted as the country's 
government-enlisted ride-sharing firm. The Hurry up APP signup process is simple. 
To begin, download the Hurry Up app from Google Play and sign up by providing 
your name, phone number, and email address.

Log in to your account using a mobile verification code and password after completing the signup procedure. To take a Hurry up trip, you must provide both the pickup and destination locations. The system will then display the anticipated fee for the ride. Following confirmation, you will receive a call from the nearest ride. The vehicle will pick you up from the 'pickup' point and drop you off at the 'destination' point if it knows your exact position. When you use the Hurry up app to request a 'ride-sharing,' you may select an appropriate vehicle such as a car, microbus, motorbike, or scooter. What's more, Hurry up promo codes provide significant savings on rides.

This mobile-software-based motorbike hailing service has begun operations in 
Bangladesh under the auspices of Banglamark Corporation, a technology firm that 
develops on-demand software to improve people's lifestyles. HURRY UP also offers 
on-demand food delivery as well as courier services. HURRY UP provides the most 
affordable transportation prices inside Dhaka. HURRY UP Ride Charges are 
calculated at BDT 49 for the first kilometer, then reduce to BDT 12 for the next km. 
The HURRY UP system only charges BDT 0.49 per minute. The distance cost would 
be increased by the base fare. Passengers may also take advantage of great savings 
by using coupons.

The fare may be paid using the HURRY UP e-wallet cashless payment system. 
During the current scenario, this futurist endeavor might help you avoid the risk of 
virus contamination when exchanging paper money.

Right present, it appears that ridesharing is the future generation of mobility for 
Bangladeshis. As we progress towards a more digital lifestyle, having transportation 
delivered to your home and going through the service with more security is 
undoubtedly something we have unconsciously wished for.

Download these applications on your phone right now to obtain a service whenever 
you need it and help Bangladesh move forward with digitalization.