While camping chairs are comfortable and easy to pack up and carry around they aren’t always the most comfortable. On the other hand zero gravity chairs are more comfortable, fairly simple to pack away and can even be left out overnight while at a campsite.

  Zero Gravity chairs can be left outside overnight but they must be waterproof and weatherproof, otherwise the cold temperature, rain and dew will cause the frame to rust. If you wish to leave your chairs out overnight, think about covering them with a tarpaulin or storing in an awning.

  In this article we are going to talk about what zero gravity chair manufacturers are, whether they can be left outside and what you need to know if you plan to leave our chairs outside.

  What Is A Zero Gravity Chair?

  While you can’t float in midair like outer space, sitting in a zero gravity chair is close to it. These nifty recliners let you lounge around with your feet elevated at chest level. Zero gravity chairs have the mobility to change positions for the user to find the right fit for their body.

  If you’re wondering where the term “zero-gravity” originated, it’s due to their intended use for astronauts.

  Zero gravity chairs were initially manufactured to relieve the pain and stress on astronauts during launches. To relieve the physical strain, chair designers wanted to place astronauts in a reclined position on spacecraft.

  Thus, the zero gravity chair was born. The design inspired chair manufacturers to produce a recliner that eases pain for individuals who suffer from serious physical ailments.

  The chair’s design makes users feel weightless and provides health benefits such as minimizing back pain and improve blood flow. And of course, reducing the amount of strain on the muscles and joints. Chair manufacturers chose to utilize the stress-reducing invention for consumers who need extra relief for sore and achy backs, hips, and legs.

  With different models hitting the market every day, zero gravity chairs are a popular lawn or deck fixture. Many buyers want that weightless feeling in their backyard, and zero gravity chairs have the design for it.

  And they’re often lining the aisles of recreational or furniture stores. For customers needing to relax and release tension, you’ll experience the anti-gravity sensation best with zero gravity chairs.

  How Are Zero Gravity Chairs Different From Other Camping Chairs

  Just compare the back design of zero gravity chairs and traditional camping chairs, and you’ll easily notice the difference. While zero gravity chairs recline to give you a weightless feeling, camping chairs have a back with restricted movement.

  Camping chairs don’t provide the same stress-relieving features of sitting with your feet elevated to your chest.

  While camping chairs often include cushioned seats and cupholders, they’re not suitable for users with chronic back pain, sore muscles, or prone vertebrates.

  Zero gravity recliners help users relieve nagging body aches when sitting at their campsite or backyard. With their fixed upright position, camping chairs may be uncomfortable for users who prefer recliners.

  Can I Leave Zero Gravity Chairs Outside?

  Although some users are satisfied reclining on zero gravity chairs in their living room, they’re fun to have outdoors. Zero gravity chairs come in all shapes, sizes, and materials that determine if they’re better for indoor or outdoor use.

  If you’re unsure about leaving your zero gravity chair outside, pay close attention to the model you purchase.

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  When you’re selecting the desired zero gravity chair, it’s imperative to look for models made from weather-resistant materials. If your recliner isn’t durable, it will deteriorate quicker and not last for the long-run outside.

  For zero gravity chairs not manufactured from a strong material, it would be a mistake to store them outdoors. But tough recliners are made to survive the harshest weather and last a long time. These zero gravity chairs are fine to leave outside.