There are many items in PSO2 New Genesis that can help us strengthen weapons, such as Trinite, Dualomite and Monotite. Each item has its specific location on the map, which makes it easier for us to obtain the items we need. This way we don't need to buy PSO2 New Genesis Meseta to strengthen the weapon. Now we will introduce how to get Trinite.

What is Trinite in PSO2 New Genesis?

Most of Trinite are teal-like with slightly yellow-ish highlights, a bit like an egg. Even if you can't see it from a distance, just move towards anything that shines.

Trinite Locations

Trinite is another fairly common material in the Aelio Region, at least if you know where to look. They can mostly be found in several places in North Aelio, but can be spotted among Dualomite nodes in West Aelio as well.

If you're looking to gather Trinite, my three favorite places to check are:

1. The very northern ridges of the Altolani Plateau

2. The tall bluffs between the Altolani Plateau and the Halphana Wetlands

3. The edges of the Halphana Wetlands.

You can discover even more Trinite in PSO2 New Genesis, given that there are a lot of Ryuker devices to teleport to, therefore this is actually great. If you don't want to, you can trade N-Grinders for Trinite through the NPC in Central City.

If you are a fan of PSO2 New Genesis, then this article may be helpful to some extent. In addition, PSO2 Meseta will also be needed in the game.