The reason for the heavy pedal is low compressed air pressure

The heavy pedal is caused by the damage of the clutch booster cylinder, but sometimes not necessarily caused by the booster cylinder itself. Because most of the power to drive the clutch booster comes from the compressed air in the air reservoir, if the pressure of the compressed air to the booster is too low, it will cause insufficient power assistance. Therefore, communication should be given priority after such failures. Check the compressed air pressure of the clutch booster.

The reason for the heavy pedal is insufficient lubrication

The clutch of a heavy-duty truck is separated by a booster cylinder (commonly known as a sub-cylinder) driving the pressure plate through a series of mechanical structures. There are several points that need to be lubricated in this structure. Insufficient lubrication and excessive friction will cause the clutch pedal to be heavy.

The reason for the heavy pedal is that the release bearing is too tight

The reason why the clutch can realize the clutch function is achieved by pressing and releasing the clutch plate by the pressure plate, while the pressing and releasing of the pressure plate is completed by the shift fork driving the release bearing. The release bearing sleeve slides back and forth on the cover guide sleeve of the input shaft of the gearbox to control the separation of the pressure plate. If the clearance between the release bearing and the guide sleeve is too small, it will cause excessive friction and the driving force is wasted in the release bearing It is inevitable that the pedal will be heavy due to friction with the guide sleeve.

Remind everyone to use the correct method to maintain your car to avoid the adverse effect of maintaining the car.

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