What is ADCP Course?

Full-type of ADCP is Advance Diploma in Computer Programming is a UG level diploma course given by a portion of the institutes after the understudy has finished their normal degree. 

With the assistance of this course, understudies will find out with regards to the information processing, engineering, and programming parts of computing and there's a wide extent of profiles. There are numerous other Advance Diploma courses that emphasize a wide scope of subjects including visual depiction, visual expressions, programming, framework the executives, or activity.

Objectives of ADCP Course:

  • The ADCP course mainly focuses on advanced learning in the field of computer science and provides students a wide scope of learning and knowledge in the form of a short program.
  • This course provides opportunities to a large section of society or to middle-class sections to help their children get this course done at low prices.
  • This course comes under the computer literacy program for the rural areas of India which aims to provide candidates higher technical education with low fees charges.
  • This course promotes the educational wellbeing of rural communities.