If you're tackling this massive project with the goal in mind of having a big player base, then it's a waste of your time. This community doesn't flock to custom servers , and even were they to WOW TBC Classic Gold, their obsession with fresh releases would lead them to consume your whole server in 3 months, whereas it took about 1+ years to complete.

Hello, I would like to express my gratitude to all of you for participating in this topic. While I didn't expect so many feedbacks , it's obvious that I have a keen eye on every one. It's difficult to make a decision between Azerothcore or another emulator to run this project. I'd like the emulator to fit into my philosophy. I haven't decided yet but I'll keep this discussion going and share my final decision.

As a player, I like the client for wotlk, simply because of playability. Lower mount requirements for level speed, faster leveling, class balance, rdf.. All of these makes wotlk an "easier" to use, more user fun game.

The plot right is that Zeus has been thrown out of Olympus by Hera who has taken on the mantle of Queen of the Heavens while Zeus is mostly sulking in self pity/ gone to the bottom of a massive bender. The heroes have come across a variety of looming catastrophes and being the followers of Gods formally allied with Zeus have set out to locate the God of Thunder to avert some or all cataclysms.

They found that Athens, Delphi and Sparta are good places to start their search. I designed mini games for these places, Sparta with Olympic games and Delphi with riddles ,.... I also thought I could bring some fun to buy WOW TBC Gold Athens so that they could connect in some way.