There are certainly times when you need a boredom busting idea for your kiddo while you’re working or getting things done at home. Here are 50 free boredom busting kids activities to do both indoors and outdoors to keep them (and sometimes the entire family) entertained.

  Get your body moving – Teaching the importance of exercise and physical wellness is not only important for their growing bodies, but is also essential to mental wellness. Stretch, dance, walk, play hide and seek – the opportunities to get their bodies moving are endless! Check out these phys ed activities that can be done indoors or outdoors.

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  Turn on a favorite song and clean while it’s playing – If tidying up their room isn’t your child’s strength, maybe this will help. Make it a challenge. It’s amazing how much cleaning can be done during the time it takes for a song to play! Nothing beats busting boredom like diving into chores and getting them done together as a team.

  Listen to an audiobook – Your child will get so caught up in the storytelling they won’t realize they’re honing listening and focus skills. Your local library most likely has an audible list of books to check out. Audible, Simply Audiobooks and Learning Ally are other great sources.

  Read – Making reading a part of your child’s daily schedule is so important. Here are a few tips. A) Get them hooked on a series. If your child isn’t particularly interested, read the first book to them to get them engaged with the characters. B) Create a reading challenge. Have them track their books and reward them with something special when they reach their reading goal. These free printable reading logs may help. C) Find a book that’s been turned into a movie. Once they’re finished with the book, have a family movie night.

  Printable and activities done on paper are simple to set up.

  Printable activity – Especially when you’re stuck inside on a rainy or cold day, activity pages can be life saving boredom busters. We have dedicated 12 years to creating engaging, educational and creative activities to keep your child entertained for hours. From coloring pages to games and arts and crafts, we’ve got you covered. You’ll find puzzles of all kinds – word searches, cryptograms, crosswords, logic and MORE!

  Create a comic strip – This is a great way to captivate your child’s attention and channel their creativity while practicing their writing skills. Here are printable comic book pages to spark your child’s imagination. These blank pages will help your child develop their own stories with characters, dialogues and a storyline that is unique to their own fantasy world.

  Write a story – Need help getting them started? Here is a vast collection of story starters to get your young author’s creative juices flowing.

  Tangram puzzles – These shape shifting puzzles are great brain game puzzles for kids ages 6 and up. Print the puzzle pieces, cut them out and rearrange the seven shapes to fit into the puzzle template. Here is a great set of free printable tangram animal puzzles. Turn this into a race by printing multiples of the same puzzle and competing to see who can finish first.

  Write a letter to a friend or family member – Receiving a heart-felt letter, drawing or card in their mailbox will make your loved one’s week!

  Draw something – Sometimes all it takes is paper and pencil to entertain our littles. Drawing is an effective method of storytelling and communicating. Need some inspiration? Here are step-by-step drawing tutorials of some darling ocean animals to draw.

  Create a vision board – If you haven’t already, now is a great time to start talking with your child about dreams and goals. Give them magazines, photos, construction (or scrap) paper, markers, scissors and glue. And watch them create a collage of their dreams. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out this article on creating an inspiration board.

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