Essential oil serves as a controlled way to proselytize personal well-being. Essential oils are concentrated, naturally occurring, chemically extracted from trees, plants and flowers. These oils are gleaned from specific part of the plant. The essential oil is 100% pure as potentially vast amount of plant material is required to procure small quantity of essential oil. These oils has enormous therapeutic benefits. They are inculcated with antiseptic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Inhalation of essential oils like lavender, chamomile, bergamot, jasmine, frankincense and sandalwood will make awake your senses and facilitates relaxation. Use diffuser or a spray to gain benefits of essential oils. It helps you to sleep directly by relieving stress, anxiety, low mood and physical discomfort. These oils have been used from centuries to promote relaxation, mental & physical wellness as well.

Some unknown facts:

· The blend of essential oils are effective at improving sleep quality than a single essential oil.

· A research indicates that using essential oils can help to relieve stress and anxiety symptoms which may help to improve sleep indirectly.

· A study found essential oils improves both depression and anxiety in a group of post-partum women. And a 2016 analysis found aromatherapy effective in reducing stress and depression — as well as symptoms of menopause — in middle-aged women