Android applications offer numerous benefits to users, and they can be beneficial to businesses as well. If you’re looking to develop an Android application, there are many reasons why your business should consider doing so. 

Android users are steadily increasing. According to Gartner, the Android operating system has a global market share of 80.7 percent, whereas the iOS operating system has 17.7 percent.

Below are eleven reasons why your business should have an Android application and android app development company as soon as possible. Let’s get started!

11 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have an Android Application

The following are the eleven reasons why you need an Android application for your company:

#1 A Larger User Base

Now the majority of people use Android phones all over the world. The platform has more than 74% of smartphone users across the globe. Whereas iOS holds second place, with a quarter of the global market. So keep in mind that “Android is Everywhere.”

Compared to its competitors, Android-powered smartphones are used by most consumers worldwide, providing you with a broad pool of potential customers. Furthermore, failing to have an Android app for business means missing out on many business opportunities.

No company can afford such a loss, especially in today’s market, where competition is fierce. As a result, it’s a good idea to hire Android app developers to help you turn your website into an app.

#2 The Convenience of Your Customers

Having a mobile application for your company is beneficial. People currently use smartphones because they are convenient and save time. It is one of many great reasons why your business should develop an Android app.

Smartphones provide various benefits, including the ability to buy things online, compare products, locate locations using Google Maps, get immediate solutions, and learn more.

There are a lot of Android users all across the world. Android applications simplify individuals to communicate and exchange data and media items such as documents, photos, and videos.

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