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IKEA is a company specialized in offering a series of high quality furniture at different prices. Although many of these products are generally oriented to the general public, recently a new line dedicated to the passengers was announced, which will be available next month.

As of October, IKEA stores worldwide will offer a series of articles dedicated to players. These products arise in collaboration with ROG. Some furniture are simply elements that were already in production , but with another name, while others are totally new.

Here we find desktops, ergonomic chairs, a shelf for the PC, furniture to accommodate all your accessories and more. You can check these products below.

We remind you that IKEA is now available in Mexico, so these products will surely come to our country . Regarding prices, the Swedish company has been characterized by offering products at all kinds of prices, so some will not be so expensive, while others will need you to save a bit.

This is not the first time that IKEA focuses on this audience, since a long time ago created Models of PS5 and Xbox Series X | S to facilitate the purchase of certain furniture.

Via: IKEA.