Recently, Pokemon Sword and Shield started their latest Wild Area Max Raid activity. For new events, capturing 6IV Shiny Pokemon is the player's greatest interest. The starring of this event are two astronomy-themed Pokemon, Lunatone and Solrock, which will appear in Max Raid Battles for the next three days, and provide regular and shiny variants until midnight on Sunday.

Unlike other events, these will be the only two Pokemon available in all-tier of raid battle. Shiny Variant will begin to appear in five-star raids. Although it may be subtle, you can also judge whether Lunatone is shiny or not based on the color of Lunatone's eyes, if the eyes are red, it means it is regular, if it is blue, then it is a shiny variant.
It is very easy to distinguish Solrock, because the regular form of Solrock is an orange face, while the shiny variant is bright red.

Except for the two Pokemon, Lunatone and Solrock, there are no other unique changes in the Wild Area this week. If you want to collect Shiny Pokemon, please take this opportunity and don't miss it. If you haven't get them due to time, you can go to the PKMBuy website and ask for help from the customer service staff. They will tell you how to Buy Shiny Pokemon cheaply.