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Significant paradigm shifts have taken place within Runescape since I left the game shortly after WGS was released. A shift in mindset regarding skill leveling has occurred and is evident by bonuses exp items such as the Penance Horn or Ancient Effigies getting more frequent.

The earlier 'accessible levels' of a skill defining accessible as moderate time commitment to achieve, were typically around 65 or so. Endgame quests such as Mourning's End PII were therefore limited to levels 60. These levels can be used to access some of the content in the endgame however, they can also be used by those with higher levels.

In the recent past, the minimum requirements for endinggame PvE (defined as soloing GWD bosses in endgame pvE) demanded at least 90 points in each of the stats. Jagex believed that this was a bad idea, as it made it very difficult to find new players. Runescape is a game that tries to maintain a facade of casualness; it is played through a browser and requires very minimal investment Buy Old School RS Gold. Players who are new to the game must invest lots of time and effort to get to the final game. It's a far cry from the norm.