1. What are the application fields and characteristics of pipeline jacking method construction?

Pipe jacking method construction is generally selected in the following situations: (1) When PEX Fittings Plastic crosses railway lines, roads, rivers or buildings; (2) The neighborhood is small and the houses on both sides have been constructed for a long time; (3) When the traffic volume is large In urban street community engineering construction, when pipelines can neither be rerouted nor can they determine traffic travel; (4) When the on-site standards are complicated and cross-operated with pavement engineering projects, they affect each other and are prone to risk; (5) Pipeline filling Deeper, large amount of earth backfilled by trenching and supporting points are necessary. Some questions and answers about common knowledge about pipelines


  1. What are the basic regulations for supporting points?

Support points are suitable for pipe trenches when the soil layer is weak, the deep layer is large and flat and straight trenches are dug, or when the sandy soil layer with high soil temperature is used and surface drainage pipes are selected, support points should be provided.


  1. What is stable control? What are the key job responsibilities of PEX Crimp Fitting?

Pipe stabilization means that the Australian standard pipeline is basically stable in the trench according to the elevation and plan of the design plan. (1) Centerline manipulation; (2) Elevation manipulation; (3) Professional counterpart manipulation; (4) Pipeline self-bending level borrowing and turning manipulation; (5) Pipeline recurved by height and straightening