Either I found another bug, or eve echoes isk I am seriously confused: when I increase the material efficiency I would anticipate the number of materials necessary to return, but they do not, they go up.I tend to agree with you but that is actually how it works in game. You can think of it as the reverse. When you start the game unskilled you have to use 150% tools to generate a component. So it is going to actually cost 50% over base price because of a lack of skill. Eventually by training up you can get under 100% so you get a discount on the base component requirements.

I kind of agree I loved this game in the day it came out, the kind of mobile mmo I've been looking for for ages. EVE online always scared me, but this was a chance to leap in at the start. AFK autopiloting was likely the thing that made the game so mobile and great friendly, and today they have practically taken that away.If this is the way it was always meant to be, then fine, however I liked the game a great deal more before, and that I doubt I am the only one. I invested £ on chips day 2 because I enjoyed it so much.... Glad I paid ISK for the second month.

But ok, if I am not the target demographic then I can move on. I have got less expensive options when I feel the need to bore myself.I've got less costly options if I feel the need to bore myself.I prefer drilling when mining over boring, personally.For me it mostly depends on how much I have needed to drink.Low-sec is secure. You don't have to see your phone. I afk traveling to assignments for the previous 2-3 days. This change only impacts Null players at the moment.

It will only grow to be an issues for Low-sec if/when ships become powerful enough to tank the gate guns.Yea, I think that is what all us"carebears" are starting to accept. If it's meant to play such as this, well, it ai not for us and that is alright. I will happily walk away only spending around 25 dollars. I was definitely ready to perform this for a little while and keep buying Omega. I'll just sit on my hands till something else rolls around that remembers it is a mobile game, and if it doesn't oh well lol.

I refunded my neuros and omega charge they gave money back no questions asked. Got all money refunded.Really? How do I get in touch with customer service? All I have talked to are robots.They aren't too picky about the reason, unless you do this much, (I've only once before) And unless the purchase was many many months past they generally indicate it refunded in under 15 minutes. It may take up to cheap eve isk 4 times per their faq.