Which are the top countries in the world when it comes to providing Laravel development services? Some of you might think that the answer to this question is straightforward, but in reality it’s not that simple, since there are several factors that you have to take into account in order to get the right answer. Before getting into these factors, let’s try to find out why most businesses choose Laravel for their web development needs.


1) USA

Approximately 9,000 new PHP developer jobs were added to job boards in 2015. Based on results from O*Net Online, there are currently about 80,000 US-based developers with an average annual salary of $80,250. Since 2013, developers have made an average of $88,350. Projects like Twitter Bootstrap and WordPress themes make it easier than ever to get started with front end development; other top employers include Google and Microsoft.


2) Canada

Canada is known as a great nation that promotes peaceful and friendly behavior. These qualities make it easy to conduct business and work with people from different cultural backgrounds. Canada has also been involved in developing new technologies like cryptography and Big Data, making it a top destination for tech companies seeking to develop their solutions. Canada provides access to technology hubs such as Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Quebec City; all of which attract international entrepreneurs looking to enter foreign markets.


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3) UK

With a large developer community and some of the world’s best universities, there are over 30,000 active developers in the UK. If you hire a developer from England, you can expect to receive extremely high-quality work; however, they can be more expensive than other countries and may not be as dedicated as Indian developers. One perk: Many web hosting companies also operate out of Britain so your hosting costs will likely be cheaper if you hire a UK developer.

4) Philippines

Philippines is one of most developed countries in Asia. Being an English-speaking country, many people living there are well-versed with PHP/MySQL technology. Because of which, it has become a hub for PHP development services. Many companies outsource their PHP/Laravel development projects to Philippines to reduce costs and provide quality services.


To wrap up, we need to know which Country is best suited for hiring Laravel developers. The above-mentioned countries are getting more and more talented individuals everyday, and competition is high as well. So, we can’t really say that any one of these countries is better than others; rather we need to say that all of them are equally good! Take a look at your budget and go with what works best for you.


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