If you or a loved one is facing a DWI conviction, you should be aware of the significant consequences it may have on many aspects of your life. It can be emotionally and financially draining, and you may even lose your job as a result of it. It's possible that it'll cause issues in your personal relationships as well. Hiring a DWI lawyer will assist you in mitigating the consequences of a DWI conviction.

Some would claim that hiring a DWI lawyer is pointless since the officers already have the blood alcohol information required for a conviction in a court of law. Another issue is that a DWI lawyer is costly, but a public defender is less expensive. While a DWI is classified as a misdemeanor, it can become a felony if the right elements are present.

A DWI lawyer specializes in these types of cases, so they know all the rules and regulations. They also know what areas to dig into to find circumstantial evidence that can get the DWI charges dropped or at least lessened. Since they specialize in DWI charges, they are able to introduce various aspects on your behalf that a traditional lawyer wouldn't know to address.

Even though a DWI lawyer is more expensive than alternatives, you will have peace of mind knowing you are going into the courtroom with the very best defense possible. Ensure you take the time to research the background of the DWI lawyer, so you get your money's worth. Don't get yourself involved with one who merely wants to make money by having you quickly take a plea bargain.

At Cole Paschall Law, we offer comprehensive consultations, ensuring you have an opportunity to avoid harsh penalties for your suspected crimes or at least gate away with reduced sentences. To start developing a substantial and impactful defense against the criminal charges, contact the office of Cole Paschall Law, an experienced Fort Worth DWI lawyer, at 1-817-477-4100.