Sun Protection Net is a new type of special protective covering material for agriculture, fishery, animal husbandry, windbreak and soil covering that has been promoted in the past 10 years. The shade net manufacturer tells us that it will be better to master the correct covering technique to use the shade net. Here are some suggestions for everyone:
   1. When covering the sunshade nets, the management of the sunshade nets should be strengthened according to the changes in the weather and the different periods of crop growth. The net should be covered all day before emergence. After emergence, the net should be exposed at both ends in the morning and evening, and covered at noon when the sun is strong.
  2. The width of the sunshade net can be cut and spliced ​​at will. The cutting method is to cut with a high heat with an electric heating wire, because the shading net can be fused into a road after being cut with high heat, and it will not be loose. The splicing method is to use nylon thread on the sewing machine or to sew by hand. Do not use iron or aluminum wire to bind and ligate, so as to avoid mechanical breakage and affect the service life of the sunshade net.
   3. Floating surface coverage. Cover the sunshade net directly on the ground or on the plant, usually during sowing or after planting.
  4, small arch canopy covering. The sunshade net is covered on the arched support of the small film arch shed, which is suitable for shading, cooling, ventilation in summer and autumn, or anti-frost in early spring and night, and can also be used for rain prevention in rainy season or heat preservation at night in winter and spring.
   5. Flat shed covering. Set up a 0.5-1.8m high flat or inclined bracket on the prepared shed, and cover the bracket with a sunshade net for shading and rain protection.
   6. Greenhouse covering. Greenhouse coverage is divided into single-net coverage, mesh-membrane combined coverage, surrounding coverage outside the shed, and coverage inside the shed. When single net and omentum are combined to cover, the two sides of the greenhouse are generally suspended about 1 meter above the ground without covering. Cover around the outside of the shed, mostly used for heat preservation at night in early spring.
  7. Cover each growth stage. 1. The main purpose of mulching after sowing is to maintain soil moisture and prevent soil compaction after heavy rains. The method is generally to cover directly on the ground, but the net should be removed in time after emergence, so as not to hinder the growth of seedlings. 2. Short-term coverage after planting, covering until survival, cover day and night, can be directly covered on the crop.
Hail Protection Net's covering protection ability is very powerful. After covering in summer, it plays a role of blocking light, raining, moisturizing and cooling. After covering in winter and spring, it also has a certain effect of heat preservation and humidification. Pay attention to these covering techniques Can better guarantee the use effect.