Criteria for deciding what to document

ISO 9001 Certification in Dubai Well, the primary step is simple – you wish to visualize whether or not a document is needed by ISO 9001 in Dubai. For that purpose, see this article: List of necessary documents needed by ISO 9001 Consultants in Saudi Arabia (2013 revision). If the document is necessary, you've got nothing to consider – you want to write it if you would like to be compliant with this customary. (See also: Seven steps for implementing policies and procedures.) However, if the document isn't necessary, you will end up at a loss over whether or not you wish to write down it or not – for instance, would you wish a Backup Policy? Or maybe a Classification Policy? Or a BYOD Policy?


Here area unit a handful of criteria that may facilitate you:

Risks - you've got to start by assessing the risks to ascertain if there's a desire for such a bearing in the slightest degree (see also: the fundamental logic of ISO 9001 in Dubai however, will info security work?). If there's no risk, then definitely you won’t would like a document for it; if there's a risk, this still doesn’t mean you've got to write down a document, however a minimum of you've got resolved the perplexity of whether or not the management is required or not.

Compliance - typically, you will have a regulation or a written agreement demand to write down an explicit document – e.g., a regulation could need you to write down the Classification Policy, or your shopper could need you to sign NDAs along with your staff.

Size of your company - Smaller corporations can tend to possess fewer documents, therefore in such a case you ought to attempt to avoid writing a procedure for each little method – for instance, if you've got twenty staff you don’t would like fifty documents for your ISMS. Of course, ISO in Saudi Arabia if you're an international organization with ten,000 staff, writing policies wherever every would have a handful of connected procedures, so for each procedure a handful of operating directions – this approach will be.

Importance ISO 9001 consultant in Dubai A lot of vital a method or activity is, a lot of doubtless you may wish to write down a policy or a procedure to explain it – this can be as a result of you’ll wish to form certain everybody understands the way to perform such a method or activity to avoid breakdowns in your operations.


Number of individuals concerned - ISO 9001 Services in Dubai A lot of individuals perform a method or associate degree activity, a lot of doubtless you may wish to document it; for instance, if you've got a hundred individuals concerned, it'll be tough justify to elucidate to clarify} verbally to any or all these individuals the way to perform bound method – it's abundant easier to write down a procedure that will explain everything thoroughly. On the opposite hand, if you've got 5 individuals concerned, you'll in all probability make a case for however the entire method works during a single meeting, therefore there's no would like for a written procedure. there's one exception, though: if you've got only 1 person performing on a method, you may wish to document it as a result of nobody else is aware of the way to pair – therefore if this person becomes inaccessible, you’ll be able to continue your operations.


Find the correct balance

ISO 9001 Services in Saudi Arabia A lot of documents you've got and also a lot of elaborated there, the tougher it'll be to take care of them and to form your staff observe them. On the opposite hand, a smaller variety of documents that are quite short won't describe precisely what you wish to try to to.


How to get ISO 9001 Consultant in Dubai?

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