The readability of your content is a key factor in blogging. Content marketers or bloggers will strive to optimize keyword density, keyword decorations, and meta tags. However, they often neglect the readability of their content.

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This is likely due to the fact Google's search ranking algorithm doesn't account for content readability. At least, not that anyone could confirm. However, factors such as content readability are one of the many factors that indirectly affect your SEO.

How can you measure content readability?

Most readability scores can be measured scientifically using factors like

  • Rapid perception
  • Perceptibility at a distance
  • Perceptibility in peripheral vision
  • Visibility
  • Reflex blink technique
  • Rate of work (e.g. speed reading)
  • Eye movements
  • Fatigue while reading

A text's readability can be described as its ability to be understood and easily read. The easiest way to measure content readability is to estimate the grade of students who could comprehend the written text. An average human can read a text of grade 9 but would prefer to read texts 2 grades lower for leisure reading.

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There are many algorithms that can measure content readability. That is why search engines or robots use them. Flesch-Kincaid is one of the most used algorithms for calculating content readability.


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