Hose Fittings Factory introduces from the material point of view, waterproof joints can be divided into three categories: metal waterproof joints, nylon waterproof joints and wire-to-board waterproof joints. The main materials of metal waterproof joints are brass nickel-plated waterproof joints and stainless steel waterproof joints. . According to the shape and function of the waterproof connector, the brass nickel-plated waterproof connector can be divided into:

1. Ordinary single hole type;

2. Ordinary porous type;

3. Ordinary flat hole type;

4. Explosion-proof type;

5. Torsion resistant metal cable connector;

6. Anti-magnetic wave shielding type;

7. Double locking type;

8. Metal hose cable waterproof joint;

9. Plastic hose cable waterproof joint.

The stainless steel waterproof joints can also be divided into the following two categories according to their functions:

1. Ordinary single hole type;

2. Explosion-proof type.