Milo is the first Gym Leader of Galar Gym Challenge, and he is also a Grass-type specialist, but the grass has many weaknesses, which is something that any Pokemon fan knows. So with some plans and good strategies, defeating Milo is not difficult. Buy Legendary Pokemon For Sale on PKMBuy is very easy and cheap.

1. If you choose Scorbunny, it is a walk in the park
Grass-types is very weak for Fire-type Pokemon, so choosing Scorbunny as the starter will make Turffield Stadium a very easy challenge. Scorbunny learned its first fire attack on Ember at level 6. Although its base power is very low, only 40, it should be able to easily knock down any enemy of Scorbunny's level or lower.

Sorbunny evolved into Raboot at level 16, which means it should have evolved when the player first enters Turffield Stadium. At level 19, Raboot learned the Flame Charge, a stronger attack than Ember. Raboot is also very fast, which means it almost always attacks first, and with priority STAB actions like Flame Charge, Milo doesn't even have a chance to fight back.

2. Don't be afraid to use Items
None of Milo's Pokemon are equipped with any items, but that doesn't mean players have to follow suit. A particularly useful item is the sharp beak, which can increase the power of Flying-type moves by 20%. It is located on Highway 4 east of the Southeast paddock, close to the river.
In addition to sharp beaks, potions and other healing items can also be used. None of Milo's Pokemon have any sleep or paralysis-inducing moves, but it's smart to put them in your bag. People never know when they will come in handy.

3. Don't use Dynamax until Milo dispatches Eldegoss
Dynamax is one of the most interesting gimmicks of the eighth generation, and some Pokemon fans hope to continue to the fourth generation remake. Most gymnasium leaders use it in battle, and Milo is no exception.

He will Dynamax his Eldegoss at the first opportunity, mainly using Max Strike, which will also reduce the enemy's speed. Players can of course choose Dynamax from the first round, but this gimmick can only last for three rounds, which means that if things don't go according to plan, it will be forced to fight against Dyanamex Eldegoss with ordinary-sized Pokemon. 

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