We cannot win this battle alone. We need your support. What can you do to help? First, we want to hear your feedback in a more coordinated way regarding the issue of bots. We are planning to OSRS gold develop surveys to help us understand more about bots directly from your perspective... we would love to hear your response.

We would like to create an online forum that will allow for specific Q&A and feedback on specific initiatives. We will inform you when the forum has been established and will invite everyone who is interested participants to join. We hope you and your friends will utilize the tools we provide to help us ban spammers, like the Spam Filter.

Finally, we request that you avoid support for gold farmers and bots. Bots won't be available in the absence of a market. A Tip.it post recently stated, "Standing up against Jagex by voice your opinion on the botting topic] requires courage. But it is more difficult to buy RuneScape gold defend your close friends."

The player went on to say that the community needs to be strong and follow the rules. With no customers, bot-setting websites will close and the only person who can be a bot is the real player. Ultimately, following the three principles of the code of conduct that Jagex put up-"Honour," "Respect," and buy RuneScape gold "Security" are a responsibility of players and the entire community just in the same way as they are of Jagex."